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DQODE is the first true online marketplace for user experience designers to browse, buy and sell design assets that help drive efficiency into the digital product design process.

Content models, empathy maps, experience maps, mental models, personas, process diagrams, prototypes, scenario maps, scenarios, sitemaps, sketches, storyboards, style guides, style tiles, system maps, task grids, usability reports, user journeys, user story maps, user interface kits, visual designs, wireframes, word clouds and much more!

Here’s a free example of a personas template to give you an idea of what to expect.

Please make sure you are familiar with our licensing agreement, which defines how you can use products you purchase through our website.

Seller FAQ

We pride ourselves on being one of the most competitive marketplaces for designers on the net: we pay 75% of any sales you make, direct to you, usually within a week.

Sales made via PayPal are even faster: often you will be paid within hours of the sale.

Simply fill out the application form to be considered for access to our platform.

We will review your portfolio and let you know within a week whether you have been accepted or not.

Neil Turner says it really well in his post, How to Create Great UX Documents.

Amazing UX assets are:

  • Useful – First and foremost a great UX document is useful to its audience. It clearly contributes to the overall goal of the work being undertaken– whether that’s to create a design, define a strategy or carry out some research.
  • Appropriate – A great UX document is appropriate to its purpose, to the situation and to its audience. For example, an internal team document doesn’t need to look like a work of art. Equally a document that’s going to be widely circulated shouldn’t look like it’s been cobbled together in 5 mins.
  • Usable – Just like a usable interface, a great UX document is easy to understand and use. Ideally it should be as self-explanatory as possible.
  • Presentable – A great UX document doesn’t need to be a work of art, but it should be presentable (appropriately presentable if you will).
  • Accessible – A great UX document should be easily accessible. It should be easy to find, easy to access and in a suitable file format.

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