mobile app for distributors donation order handling

it is a Premium and High-Quality UI Kit for Donation distribution handling, Charity, & Fundraising with many features. it came with unique style and niche, you can easily edit and customize all elements with design components which can speed up design process for your projects.

app flow – Donation, Charity, & Fundraising App UI Kit is equipped with iOS/Android support (design system included) and 30 screens which is 100% editable & customizable. Designs are available in sketch and Figma.

it is designed in a trendy and modern way, with all layers well organaized. it is equipped with a design system with hundred of components. The Design System has been equipped with typography, iconography, color styles, components, elements, buttons, input forms, alerts, avatars, checkboxes, chips, grids, toggles, and many others.

In addition, the application design in figma has been designed with fully auto layout, so it is very adaptive if you want to edit, delete, or add some parts. If you are not familiar with auto layout, you can turn it off by right-clicking the layer, and selecting remove auto layout.

UI Kit is suitable for :
• Donation distributor
• order handling
• distribution managing

App Features:
• Donate and give charity easily & transparently
• support donator and distributor
• Wallet feature for donation money management
• Features of messaging for individuals & charities
• View the impact documentation of your donation
• Order dashboard

Note: All images/photos in the preview are included 😊

Be sure to check out the preview and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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